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Anionic latex modified Bitumen Emulsion, the total solid content is 60% minimum, Latex Rubber content of dry film 10% minimum. It is dark brown in colour, dries to form a black, the product also contains a quantity of bio- acid to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould both in the product it self and subsequent to application, these properties impart excellent durability and water proofing characteristics. 


Cold applied

Single component

Water based-non-toxic 

Highly extensible 


Resists attacks by chloride and Sulphat ions

Asbestos free 



For use of a damp proof membrane in sandwich construction as a general purpose water proofer for walls, floors, other structures, and as a vapor seal as well. It's also an effective adhesive and bonding agent for insulation boards, cork panels, etc. It's practically suitable where some movements of structure is expected, it exhibits much better permeability and elasticity characteristics, than similar, materials without latex. 



The surface to be treated, should be cleaned to remove dust, grease etc. Should be applied by brush, roller or by spraying equipment "for large surfaces". On concrete or other absorbent surfaces first applied a coat of UIB PROOF CBE 1 


The coverage of UIB PROOF RBE 6010 in accordance with specification requirements, otherwise 2 coats with application rate of 1 - 1 .5 Liters per meter will result in OFT of 0.77mm. The two coats shall be applied at right angels to each other, allowing the first coat to dry completely before applying the second. 

All application should be continued up verticals to the existing damp proof course. Ensure the membrane is not punched or damaged during subsequent operations. Drying time 3 hours @ 20 degrees Celsius and over coat time not more than 24 hours. The specific gravity of the products is approximately 1.00 


UIB PROOF RBE 6010 complies with concrete curing requirements of ASTM c 309-93 when applied at the rate of 1 .25 meters per litre. 


UIB PROOF RBE 6010 has a life of 12 months if stored in shade below 45 degrees Celsius under normal conditions. 


If the product dries it cannot be removed just with solvent like kerosene. 



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