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UNION INTERNATIONAL BITUMEN CO LLC is a multi national company established in the year 1990. Having its storage and factory premises located in Mafraq Industrial Area (7000MT Capacity) .

It is an international trading and manufacturing company basically specialized in trading Bitumen and Bituminous products more than a decade.
During its tenure it has been most successfully supplying both bulk bitumen (various grade) and Bitumen products within UAE to almost all top ranking road contractors who are busy in serving the nation for a long time
Besides, regular of and on supplies are being executed to other gulf states as well as far east and to some African countries in collaboration with renowned shipping and forwarding companies based in UAE
In addition to above all UIB, having registered , enjoys opportunities bidding international tenders floated through World Bank and other international investment medias and happened to be successful in few occasions in the past.

 By dint of this advantage, UIB has an edge over other Bitumen companies for its un-interrupted and regular supply of Bitumen procured from various famous refineries and other resources through the gulf.

UIB has two major divisions for handling, processing, blending and supplying Bitumen and Bituminous products to its valued customers, viz Bulk division and Factory Division, which are well equipped with most modern and state of the art machinery and equipments. These are being managed and looked after by most experienced and professionally skilled personnel under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced managers. In brief, UIB , with its vast resources and advanced expertise and technical know-how , enjoys and yearly turn over of approximately 60 million Dirhams.

Some major contract executed by UIB are : 


Zanzibar airport project - Cogefarimpresit , Italy

City roads of Kampala and Kenia High way project - Federici SpA, Italy

Ministry of Public works, Kenya (World bank finance)

Ministry of Public works, Kenya (African Development Bank)

Ministry of Public works, Burundi 

Ministry of Public works, Rwanda

Public works Department, Myanmar

Timboroa - Eldoret Road Project , Kenya - International , Germany

Thika Road project, Kenya - TIMAM Construction, Kenya

Shibam, Al Mahweet Kowkabam Road Project, Yemen - Walter Bou AG, Germany

Shell Trading Middle East, Regular Supplies 

Highways in Burundi, Madagascar - Colas, SA

Oman and UAE Highways

Pakistan - D.I Khan

India - Bombay

The Source

Bitumen is basically sourced and procured from BAPCO refinery in Bahrain and ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia. Over and above in Saudi Arabia UIB has an another well-established branch having almost 120 Nos of 45 MT capacity bulk truck tankers engaged in transporting Bitumen throughout the gulf region.


The company owns drumming plant in Mafraq Industrial Area - Abu Dhabi. For drumming of BAPCO and ARAMCO products having a rated capacity of production 1000 drums per day. All drums are 200 kg net weight capacity, 880 mm in height , 560 mm in diameter and 1mm thick at top, bottom and sides. Marking of the drums, for its content, is carried out as per customer's requirement


Factory Operations

As the company enjoys guaranteed availability of Bitumen from BAPCO for un intercepted drumming of products, the drums are transported and delivered to any UAE seaports for loading into the ships for voyage to various African and Far Eastern Countries. Since UIB having an unlimited storage space available in Abu Dhabi seaport, all cargo is well stored for shipment prior to vessels arrival. This ensures damaged free and fast loading operation